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Pesticide / Herbicide Applicator Lic. #: BU5603

Landscape Designer Gibsonia PA

Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC specializes in the entire spectrum of residential and commercial landscaping projects. From mowing, trimming and edging to the complete installation of soccer, baseball, and football athletic fields, you can depend on Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC to get the job done.
Gibsonia PA Area Snow Removal
Do you have a plan in place to clear your driveway or parking lot? Most of us that have lived in the Pittsburgh area remember the huge snowfall of the 2009 winter season. With Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas receiving almost 28" of snow, Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC had all their commercial and residential parking lots cleared within 30 hours.

Gibsonia PA Area Retaining Walls and Hardscapes
  • Retaining Walls (Versa Lok, Keystone, Unilock)
  • Patios/outdoor rooms
  • Driveways/sidewalks
  • Fireplaces/Grilles/Pizza Ovens/Fire Pits
  • Natural Boulder Walls
  • Treated Timber Walls or Authentic RxR Ties Walls
  • Pre Cast Steel Beam Concrete Panels Walls
  • Masonry Brick Walls

Gibsonia PA Area Athletic Fields
Currently install, maintain, and service athletic fields including soccer, lacrosse, baseball and football fields. Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC uses a piece of equipment called a Stecavator which leaves a loose deep soil column with debris buried. The Stecavator is a huge advantage over other equipment which leaves soil compacted and unable to have deep root systems due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC uses other machines such as mechanical seed drills which can dethatch and drill new grass seed right into the existing fields leaving it playable for teams while new turf grass is filling in the worn areas. We can also tailor fertilizer programs combining organic and synthetic treatments to provide the best environmental conditions for the situation.

21 Years Of Experience
During the 21 years of operation, Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC has constantly evolved to accommodate the interests and needs of their clients.

Residential Lawn Service Near Gibsonia PA
Upon completion of his Landscape Contracting and Design degree from Penn State University, owner Chuck Goulding continued diversifying his abilities and projects by blending his residential customers with various sport complex and corporate accounts. These projects quickly expanded Pro Scape Unlimited LLC's body of work ranging from residential lawn cutting to the complete four season's maintenance of multi-million dollar shopping and dining plazas and everything in between.

Landscape Designer
Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC has also designed, installed, and maintained numerous Athletic Fields ranging from the North Allegheny Soccer Club to the newest project of over 12 acres of soccer fields, home to the North United Soccer Club. Operations Manager Rick Kaiser became part of the Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC team in 2006. With a degree in Horticulture, Agricultural Business Management, and Communications from West Virginia University, he was able to add to the already broad knowledge base of historical and modern landscape practices.

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