Contractor #: PA043648
Pesticide / Herbicide Applicator Lic. #: BU5603

Our Services

Landscape Installation

Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC is your one stop shop for complete commercial and residential landscape installation. Our services include:
Retaining Walls and Hardscapes
  • Retaining Walls (Versa Lok, Keystone, Unilock)
  • Patios/outdoor rooms
  • Driveways/sidewalks
  • Fireplaces/Grilles/Pizza Ovens/Fire Pits
  • Natural Boulder Walls
  • Treated Timber Walls or Authentic RxR Ties Walls
  • Pre Cast Steel Beam Concrete Panels Walls
  • Masonry Brick Walls
Water Features
  • Small Backyard Liner Ponds
  • Large Natural Ponds/Lakes
  • Magic Fountains
  • Koi Fish or Native Species available

Landscape Maintenance

Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC is your one stop shop for complete commercial and residential landscape maintenance. Our services include:
  • Fertilizing, Weed and Insect Control
  • Shrub, Hedge, Tree Trimming, and Pruning
  • Mulch and Bed Maintenance
  • Erosion Control
  • Drainage for Wet Basements and Foundations
  • Seasonal Color Planting Programs
  • Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Athletic Field Installation and Maintenance

Currently install, maintain, and service athletic fields including soccer, lacrosse, baseball and football fields. Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC uses a piece of equipment called a Stecavator which leaves a loose deep soil column with debris buried. The Stecavator is a huge advantage over other equipment which leaves soil compacted and unable to have deep root systems due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC uses other machines such as mechanical seed drills which can dethatch and drill new grass seed right into the existing fields leaving it playable for teams while new turf grass is filling in the worn areas. We can also tailor fertilizer programs combining organic and synthetic treatments to provide the best environmental conditions for the situation.
See the Stecavator in Action

Athletic Fields

Fields We Service:
  • Brenner Park – Installed and Maintaining Fields for North United Soccer Club - View Gallery
  • Mars Soccer Club
  • McKinney Soccer Park (North Allegheny Soccer Club)
  • McCandless Township Soccer Fields (North Allegheny Soccer Club)
Services Include:
  • Soil testing
  • Site Planning
  • Construction
  • Seeding/overseeding
  • Aerating
  • Mowing
  • Fertlizer and Grub Treatments
  • Field Renovations( Fill in holes, spot seed, top dress)

Snow and Ice Removal

Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC has equipment for heavy snow and ice removal for the winter season. Whether you are a place of business or a community neighborhood we can handle all your snow and ice removal needs.  Need a business parking lot plowed or salted by opening business hours, Pro Scapes Unlimited LLC guarantees 24 hour service for our clients. Contact us for a seasonal contract or a pay by snowfall contract.  
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